Welcome to the Music Education Studio

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Welcome to the Music Education Studio…..where students of all ages enjoy piano lessons and a whole lot more!  Here, the traditional piano lesson is combined with the newest in music technology, offering students the best of two worlds!  In addition to  a private piano lesson on a Kawaii Shigeru baby grand piano, the lesson is extended to give students the opportunity to use the newest in music technology  in our Yamaha Clavinova Piano Lab.  Music theory skills are reinforced in our computer lab, where a variety of music theory apps and computer software programs are used.   However, what most folks will tell you is unique to our studio is the opportunity to play in a piano band or keyboard orchestra for our year end recital (optional).  Here,  students may play keyboard with anywhere from 3-11 other players, all playing different parts, much like a band or orchestra.  Playing in a piano band or orchestra is fun and gives solo piano players the opportunity to play music with others, creating the same social and motivating experience that band, orchestra and choir members share.

The Music Education Studio also offers individual lessons to the adult student.  Lessons are typically one hour, weekly, and are tailored to meet the needs of each student.  New to our studio this year, is Musical Moments, a group piano program for adults and seniors.  Have you ever wished you could play the piano?  Playing music at any level and any age enhances life.   The perception that playing piano is only for the talented has robbed many people of the joy of making music.  You are never too old and it’s never too late to learn.   No Talent Required!!  The desire to play is the only pre-requisite!

Students seated at digital pianos

At the Music Education Studio, our mission is based on the simple belief that everyone should make music!  Piano lessons are individualized to meet each student’s needs and expectations.  For some, it’s to  learn how to play beautiful piano music, for others, it’s about preparing for music in high school or college, and for others, it’s simply to relax and have fun.  Whatever your expectations are, we can meet your needs.  Students will study note reading, rhythm, technique, ensemble playing, composition, repertoire and music literature.  Students  also can play the latest in pop music, or other genre, which I arrange and tailor to each individual and level.  The Music Education Studio provides an environment where learning is fun, yet challenging!  Excellence, creativity, sharing and self-esteem are stressed and valued to enable a student to pursue a lifelong enjoyment of music.

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