Recitals One Week Away

We have been busy preparing for our recitals, which are early this year.  Students are trying to get through the school year, and sporting activities are in full swing.  You all should have received two Doodles from me, which provides you an opportunity to vote on which day you can rehearse at the church (May 22nd OR 23rd) and which days recitals are possible.  I ask you to be very FLEXIBLE, considering the others in your group!!!  I remind you that, throughout the year,  I ask very little of you and am constantly rescheduling lessons due to games, etc.  (remember, I raised two college athletes so I “get” sports).  However, this time of year, I expect you to make piano rehearsal/recital priority.  As always, I will do my best to work around games, etc., but we MUST have cooperation from everyone.  We ALL thank you for this!