Church Rehearsal Schedule (May 22-23)

Please let me know if you absolutely cannot make the following church rehearsal time work.  Remember to arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled time.  Plan on staying an hour.  Thanks so much!

SUNDAY:  (May 22nd)


2:30-3:30      Electrostatic Blues

3:30-4:30      Bach Rock

4:30-5:30      A Duck’s Dream

5:30-7:30      Gabe/Olivia

7:30-8:30      Fortress

8:30-9:30      Ceili


MONDAY:  (May 23rd)

2-3:00     Nick Huebner

3-4:00     Isabel/Grace Koontz

4-5:00      Fresh Start

5-6:00      Doo Wacka Doo

6-7:00      Quiver

7-8:00      Off the Beat

8-9:00      Sultan

9-10:00     Seniors – could also rehearse earlier in the day (working around work schedules, of course)